Light in the Dark
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Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1I Gave You EverythinglyricsN/Avideo
2Livin A LielyricsN/AN/A
4Never Knew What You MeantlyricsN/AN/A
5Let It Be KnownlyricsN/AN/A
7Writing You This LetterlyricsN/AN/A
8Love Me For A ReasonlyricsN/AN/A
9Get Your Groove OnlyricsN/AN/A
10Family ReunionlyricsN/AN/A
11I Can't Let GolyricsN/AN/A

Light in the Dark Review

4PM's sophomore release kicks off with "I Gave You Everything." The song shows some of the group's great harmonies and strong lead vocals. The first two minutes are real solid as the group doesn't understand how a lover would leave after being given everything. However, while a great song, it seems to drag on at the end.

Much like 4PM's first album, the first two tracks of Light in the Dark are on point. "Livin a Lie" is about dating a person who isn't right for you. The song is similar in composition to "Time (Clock of the Heart)" from the group's debut album, but with a slower tempo and greater emphasis. The chorus flows great on the track and while I don't like the main singer's voice, the song is probably the group's best after "Sukiyaki."

Unfortunately, the group's sophomore album lacks a lot of the powerful vocals and well-written lyrics that the first album features. In addition, the songs often go on far longer than they should. A great example of this is "Searchin'" which sounds almost like a Michael Jackson track from the verses. However, the song seems to harp on the same notes over and over and while it's still an okay listen, it grows tiring.

Despite the third track's mediocrity, the fourth track of the album picks up the pace with its playful sound. The guys confess that while they tried to give a girl everything, they're no experts in psychology and just couldn't quite identify what she was looking for in the relationship. The track has some enjoyable lyrics and shows nice strength in the singer's voice. The track's chief flaw is its catchy chorus which grows repetitive and doesn't fit with the rest of the track.

"Let It Be Known," the fifth track on the album, is a ballad on which the guys proclaim their love for a woman. The track falls into what the guys do best, and they really shine throughout. The track is slow and is a nice ballad. It starts to run on as time goes on, but the nice harmonies and good vocals take the day.

Unfortunately, the sixth track of the album, "Cravin'" is pretty disappointing. The vocals are lacking and really, outside of the bedroom, they won't command much attention. That's probably the best way to describe the entire song. Let it out of the bedroom and its shortcomings become evident. But contained to that setting and the track makes do.

Despite the disappointing "Cravin'" the album shows some great, daring originality with "Writing You This Letter." The song isn't much of a song as it is about 75% spoken pieces. However, the speaking part is great as the voice is sexy and reverbrates throughout as the speaker reads the letter he is writing. However, what makes this song great is the intermixing of singing which really adds effectiveness to the track. Overall, it's a real creative track that is successful on all accounts.

"Love Me For A Reason," the eighth track on the album is an interesting number. The chorus is kind of stupid as the group tells a girl to love him for love and not for fun. Despite the stupidity in the lyrics, the track is entertaining with its playful harmonies and light message. While the lyrics will leave you wanting, the song succeeds at being pleasant and enjoyable.

The group introduces a rapper for the first time on "Get Your Groove On." The song's lyrics make it sound as if it were a dance song but the track lacks the strong rhythm to qualify as such. The lyrics and vocals won't win any awards and the radio voice over the end of the song is one of the most annoying contributions to a song. A set back for the entire album, though it still may be a passable listen.

The second rap on the album comes on "Family Reunion." Still, the group was far more successful on this track as it is a very fun song to just relax to. The song has the guys chilling out as they sing about a family reunion and it really helps invoke the feeling as if you're there. It's not an insightful track, but it is a good track to play when you want to just lay low. The one thing I don't understand, is why the group bothers to bring the rapper on board. They do find singing up-tempo as is, and the rapper's verse contributes nothing to the idea of a family gathering

The eleventh track on the album, "I can't Let Go" is about a guy who is falling in love with someone and can't stand to lose her Overall, the track is pretty unoriginal. What kills the track more than anything is its outrageous repetitiveness, feeling like a five minute track despite being a trim three minutes. Still, the vocals are on and the track is an okay listen.

The album's final track, rectifies that the group should stay away from single word songs ending in "in." The track, "Dreamin'" is a relaxing song in which the guys tell a girl that he can't stop thinking about her and his love for her. The song doesn't compare to earlier tracks, although the speaking part really comes out nice. Overall, this is just an average track with an especially boring chorus.

tl;dr: 4PM's sophomore effort is a bit of a let down after their solid debut. Still, while the album lacks a runaway hit like 'Sukiyaki,' great songs like 'Livin' A Lie' and 'Writing You This Letter' help make the album a worthy recommendation. Still, if you had to choose one, buy the debut.