Kenny Lattimore

Kenny Lattimore Review

Kenny Lattimore's self-titled debut album came out in 1996 on Sony's label. While it's received many rave reviews, it never really makes a significant impact.

The album kicks off with "Never Too Busy" which identifies some of the album's biggest problems. The track is relaxing and has some nice verses with decent delivery by Kenny. Yet the song's just a little too laid back, never carrying the punch that will really get a listener's attention. The other problem is the track's length, as it drags itself on for another two minutes beyond its completion. Despite these complaints, the track is still an enjoyable listen and one of the better numbers on the album.

The album's second track "Just What It Takes," is a fun listen with a catchy chorus. However, the chorus is very repetitive, looping several times. This especially plays true in the end when the chorus seems to be all the song can think of for several minutes. As such, the song could be a decent listen, but it's not what it should have been.

The album really hits a rut after "Just What It Takes," with Kenny failing to show any emotion or activity in any of the tracks. "I Won't Let You Down" is the type of track that you skip easily, as it lacks any enthusiasm and as a subtle, sleep-inducing beat. Similarly, the fourth track of the album, "All I Want" features a bland, boring chorus. The lyrics aren't bad, but the song has no punch to it whatsoever.

The album improves some here, with "Forever" featuring some nice delivery by Kenny on the verses. The chorus is sweet but it gets repetitive near the end and the song drags on.

While "Forever" is an enjoyable song, you'll likely forget all about it after hearing the track "For You." This song makes the album, seeming to embody perfection in every way. The lyrics are sweet, as the track is laced with love and emotion. This song is a classic number and makes me wonder why Kenny doesn't show more emotion on other tracks.

"Joy," the seventh track on the album, changes the pace with some funky sounds. The track is lighthearted and a pleasant listen. It's a lot more effective than most of Kenny's slow songs, likely because it actually puts some effort into catching your attention.

"Where Did Love Go" returns to Kenny's typical fallacy of being way too long, though it features some nice delivery. The song isn't bad but overall, it's a forgettable number.

The ninth track on the album, "Forgiveness," has some good delivery on the chorus that helps lift the song above the usual mediocrity. Still, the chorus only alludes to potential as the rest of the track fails to gain your attention.

Probably the second best track, "Always Remember" features strong vocal delivery with a sweet chorus. The verses are nice as Kenny promises that he'll alway be there and that she must never forget, even as she moves away from him. Still, Kenny's voice just doesn't have much strength in it and even this great song reflects this.

Closing the album are the tracks "Climb the Mountain," and "I Won't Forget." While the latter is your standard religious track, the former is pretty nice. The track promises that he would do anything for his love, as long as she stays true to him. The track is pretty good, until it goes rogue and loops the chorus five times at the end. This is just a bit excessive.

tl;dr: Kenny Lattimore lacks the emotion or enthusiasm to make this album work. While a few tracks stand out, most of the album is forgettable/boring.