It's Real Review

The album gets started on a high note with K-Ci crooning about suspicions that his lover is cheating on him in the song "Fee Fie Foe Fum." The song fits his coarse voice well and the lyrics are perfect. Early in the song, K-Ci asks about his girlfriend's late night job, "Does this job require that you bring a night gown trimmed in lace/ Cause the one that I just bought for you disappeared without a trace." Pure fire and a good omen for the rest of the album.

In the third track, "I Wanna Make Love To You," the guys don't bother hiding their intentions. They lay it out on the line with smooth vocals as they explain that they just want to make love and aren't interested in fighting. The track has a nice sound and harkens back to the Jodeci days but doesn't quite have the full touch to it.

The fourth track is a decent uptempo track called "I Wanna Get To Know You." It's catchy and certainly gets you moving but the song plays victim to the overuse of the chorus. K-Ci and JoJo need to learn that it's better to have a song that's four minutes long than make it five and end with the chorus playing six to eight times over. Nevertheless, a decent catchy track.

Returning to the slower sound, "Hello Darlin" has a nice sound to it as JoJo sings about meeting a girl and falling in love with her. Despite knowing little about her, he finds he's willing to change his lifestyle and is beginning to understand just what love means. The lyrics are nice and the chorus has a nice sound to it. Not the best track on the album but a very solid effort nonetheless.

The cd enters its strong point with the next four songs being some of the best material made by the guys. The sixth song on the album is the beautiful "How Long Must I Cry." The song is about a loved one leaving your side and wishing to have them back. The lyrics are beautiful, and the beat fits nicely. "Makin Me Say Goodbye" is very similar, almost identical, to "Fee Fie Foe Fum." Yet it works well and even with a similar message, the song sounds great and the lyrics are well written. In a nice change, the song downplays the chorus, making it a very nice touch. The only complaint I have about the track is the opening beat. When listened to on head phones, the shifting of the sound can be really dizzying and would make me nauseous.

"Tell Me It's Real" probably the most well known track on the album is a nice love song. The song has some nice lines and is incredibly catchy with a nicely fleshed out chorus.

The ninth track on the album "Life" is the song of the album. K-Ci and JoJo must have some kind of luck with the phrase life as this album, and Love Always best track had it in the name. The song has a very soulful sound to it and is a significant change of pace for the duo. The lyrics are on point as K-Ci sings as a prisoner sentenced to life in jail. Well worth a listen, this is a great track through and through.

Winding down, the track "Girl" is so-so. The lyrics are catchy, the chorus is nice. However, with this song and several others on the cd, the vocals are very heavily edited. While it adds a neat effect to tracks, it makes them sound like some kind of machine, something that's not needed as the guys sound fine on their own. "What Am I Gonna Do" is a nice song with an interesting topic. It's about a guy who loves a girl he once dated but now, they're both dating other people. It's a nice song but just seems to be missing something to it.

The 12th track, "Here He Comes Again" has a soft beat to it, allowing the lyrics to stand out. The song is about a girl the protagonist likes, but who is tied down with a guy who treats her poorly. The song is written well and has a very nice message to it.

Ending the cd is "Momma's Song," a track written by the Hailey brother's mother. The lyrics of the song are touching and the chorus gives the song a nice almost gospel feel. However, the song's weakness is that Mother Hailey isn't quite a song writer and so at times, it seems the guys are really struggling to make the song flow right. It's still a nice song and has a positive message.

tl;dr: While the album doesn't quite live up to Love Always as a whole, it has a few outstanding tracks and hardly a song not worth listening to. If it weren't for the overly used modified vocals, this album would be just as classic as the first.