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It's About Time Review

After an overly long intro, SWV's first album kicks off with the track "I'm So Into You." About a guy who's dating another girl but keeps you hanging on, the song is a good number with a catchy chorus. The song's tempo works just right to really get you bouncing your head and as I mentioned already, the chorus really just pulls you in. An entertaining number that will have you singing along.

The third track on the album "Right Here" is a good uptempo number. The track sounds very much like it was designed with the dance floor in mind and is an entertaining listen. Yet while the song is entertaining, it lacks that special something that would make it a really great number. As is, it's a good song but still nothing to write home about.

"Weak," the fourth track on the album is a solid number with nice vocals. The chorus sounds great, with some really nice harmonies. The lyrics to the track also sound good and make it a very loving number. The song is really well done and it's understandable why it became a hit.

"You're Always On My Mind" features Brian Morgan on the bridge, which really ends up being the weakest part of the track. His voice just doesn't fit the track and his vocals seem a step down compared to Coko. The beat is wonderful on the song, and works nicely with the chorus. The only other flaw besides Brian Morgan is the track ends up being a little overly long. Still, an enjoyable track.

The sixth track on the album "Downtown" has a sexual message that works well on the track. Coko sounds like butter on this number as her vocals really are wonderful. The only thing that annoys me on this song is the strange change of sound in the chorus on the words "downtown" and "round and round." It just doesn't sound right. Nevertheless, the subtle raunchiness running through the track is great and makes for a solid (though a little overly long) track.

"Coming Home" is one of the better uptempo tracks on the album. Singing to a boyfriend that has been hurt before, the girls try and reassure him that they'll come back to him. The lyrics are nice, Coko shines on the vocals as usual and the chorus is infection to keep you singing along.

"Give It To Me" is a fun uptempo track on the album. The girls say that you just need to ask for it and they'll let you have it. While it's not groundbreaking, it works. The rap isn't great but still, the song is okay.

Putting a DIFFERENT twist on things to say the least is the track "Blak Pudd'n." The song is more of a hip-hop track than the rest of the girls work and even in that sense, it's different. The song is entertaining and the lyrics can be humorous at times but I honestly see this as a song to listen to once or twice and then to skip from there out.

The tenth track on the album "It's About Time" is a nice loving jam that's great with the loved one. The song is about being away from your lover for a long time and what will happen when you reunite. The lyrics are nice, Coko's vocals shine and it's a nice relaxing number.

"Think You're Gonna Like It" is an enjoyable song. The chorus is rich in the early nineties feel and the vocals are solid. The flow sometimes feels a bit broken but it's nice and catchy. The chorus also gets a little overdone near the end.

"That's What I Need" is a great track. Coko's voice sounds lovely and while there are a few flow issues early on in the song, it's a lovely ballad. Singing about ups and downs in the relationship, the girls believe true love is what they need. It's an enjoyable song with little to nothing wrong with it.

The album ends with the dreadful... song? interlude? not sure what to call it but "SWV (In The House)" is awful. The beat is clunky and the song sounds too clustered. The song is essentially just a rap by Coko explaining how good she is and how people can't step to her. Not what I came looking for.

The album nears it's conclusion with remixed versions of earlier tracks. the fourteenth number is "Weak" done in a capella. It's nice though it seems like it was added quickly at the end as filler. By a capella, they simply meant no background beat. I wouldn't mind having a full blown rendition with more harmonies and greater presence by the girls throughout the track. As is, it could have been neat but seems halfhearted.

Concluding the album is "Right Here/Human Nature." In this remix of the earlier track "Right Here" the track is mixed with Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." While it's an interesting modification that sounds neat, it feels more like a gimmick than an actual worthwhile remix. But again, as an extra, it's a nice bonus to have on the album.

tl;dr: SWV's debut album showed that these girls mean business. While the album has a few weak spots, the material for the most part is solid.