If I Ever Fall In Love
  • If I Ever Fall In Love

  • Shai

If I Ever Fall In Love Review

After a jazzy intro that mentions the names of the well known tracks on the album, the guys get underway with their first number "Comforter." The track is a real smooth jam with the guys showing off their nice vocals as they offer to comfort their friend. The song is pretty but it is unfortunately, really simple with one verse and the chorus several times. Still, it is a great listen, and is strangely comforting in and of itself due to its soothing delivery.

There's a reason "If I Ever Fall In Love" was the track that got the guys hired. Quite simply, it's a great number. The vocals are outstanding, the lyrics are loving and it just works really well. While I personally like the acapella version a bit better, they're both on here, so you don't need to make the decision between the two.

While the vocals are strong on the track "Sexual" it is incredibly boring. The chorus of "Sex... Sexual" repeated over and over just drains the listener. The chorus really kills this song, a disappointment considering some of the lyrics are absolutely on point.

"Together Forever" has the nice feature of having a very quiet beat, which is simply a lovely piano piece. The downplaying of the beat allows the guys to show off their vocals and they truly sound beautifully on this number. Yet the song is... boring. It's a bit TOO slow and it really just doesn't lure you in like some of their more well known numbers.

The sixth track on the album is the beautiful acapella rendition of "If I Ever Fall In Love." As I mentioned earlier, this track is outstanding. The guys harmonize wonderfully and the vocals are beautifully done. The emotions shine through and the song really gets you singing along and wishing you sounded that good. The song of the album right here.

I hardly understood a word that was said in the song "Flava" and I'm sure there were few actual words said in the song. Yet something about the track is infectious and it makes for a great listen when just cruising along on the open road. It doesn't really show off the group's talent but it's a fun number nonetheless.

"Baby I'm Yours" is an infectious number with a catchy beat. The lyrics are pleading and it makes the guys sound truly vulnerable as they ask for the girl to love them carefully. It gets a little repetitive in the end but overall, its a wonderful song.

I might be burning bridges with this one as I can see where other people would dislike the number but "Waiting for the Day" is a pretty entertaining tune in my eyes. It's nice to hear the guys try a different direction with their music as the song has a more poppy feel to it. The beat is mediocre, being a little too dependent on synthesizers but the song is a fun number with a catchy chorus.

Nearly the end of the album, the track "Changes" is a solid number. It has a nice catchy beat and the vocals are solid. It seems to have a different style than the group's biggest hits, but it's still a wonderful number. Nice writing, and the length seems just right.

"Don't Wanna Play" the final full length track is the darkest song on the album as the guys tell their girl that they are tired of the way she acts. The one down side of the song is that some of the lyrics are really hard to understand because of the pronunciations of the lead vocalist but it's still a decent number. At the very least, it's a good song to sing the chorus when you're mad at a partner.

Closing the album is a short outro "Lord I've Come" in which the guys harmonize that they've come back to the lord.

tl;dr: While the album is short, it has a decent share of solid tracks, albeit few outstanding numbers. However, hearing the guys do 'If I Ever Fall In Love' acapella is almost worth the price of admission alone.