I Wanna Go There

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1How You Gonna Act Like ThatlyricsN/Avideo
2U Don't Give A Damn About MelyricsN/AN/A
3How Do You Want ItlyricsN/AN/A
4I Must Be CrazylyricsN/AN/A
5She Lets Me Be A ManlyricsN/AN/A
6Signs Of Love MakinlyricsN/AN/A
7Somebody SpeciallyricsN/AN/A
8Girl I Can't Help ItlyricsN/AN/A
9Kinna RightlyricsN/AN/A
10All Ghetto GirllyricsN/AN/A
11I'm The Other Man InterludelyricsN/AN/A
12On Top Of MelyricsN/AN/A
13I Wanna Go TherelyricsN/AN/A
14Taking ForeverlyricsN/AN/A