Hummin' Comin' At Cha' Review

The lead off song on the album and the debut single for the girls is "Just Kickin It." The song is all about just laying back and enjoying ones self and the track fits the message. The sound is real smooth and it calms you down. A nice number and a good way to get things started.

The second track on the album is the infectious "Pumpin'." The song highlights the girls great voices but overall lacks strong writing. "I went here, and I went there/ But I never found the stuff." However, the song as a nice feel to it that gets you moving.

"Let Me Know," the third track on the album, is a relaxing jam that is alright. The song is pretty good throughout but falls rather quickly on the chorus which makes up the last two minutes of a three minute and thirty second song. As such, the track seems to be just average. The one plus to it is the rotation of all four girls on it, letting you hear everyone's sound.

The fourth track, "Understanding" is such a great song, possibly the song of the album. It's a slower number than what is seen up to this point but it works well. The harmony in the chorus works wonders and man, I just love these ladies voices. Great number, through and through.

After a short interlude, the group comes back on track six with another soft ballad. "With You" is about a person who you want to begin a more frutiful relationship with. The track has some nice lyrics and a good sound to it. Another solid number by the ladies.

While it seems like an interlude, "Is My Living In Vain" is a decent track that does a great job of showing the girls harmonies. The group works wonders on the track but it is so short and simple that it is better viewed as a really good interlude than as a track.

"Love On My Mind" the eighth track on the album is an entertaining number. This track features Tamika and LaTocha and is a nice play. It's nothing exceptional but it's still a pleasant listen and worth the rotation.

The final original track on the album "Tonight" is a lovely acapella by the ladies. The girls really mesh well together as can be seen in the last minute or so especially. Overall, this is another solid song by the ladies.

Closing the album is a remixed version of the lead track "Just Kickin It." There's not really a huge difference between the two so it's really just for people who couldn't get enough the first time.

tl;dr: A respectable first album for the quartet. A bit short and with few standout tracks, the album is still an enjoyable listen.