Full Circle

Full Circle Review

The album kicks off with a nice up-tempo jam, "Relax Your Mind." The track has nice smooth vocals and the lyrics, while nothing special, do help keep the mood swinging. Faith Evans appears on the track but for what reason, I'm not sure as her role is minimal. Overall, a decent song but still, not the group's best.

In an effort to set Full Circle on the right track, the Babyface-penned "The Color Of Love" was the album's debut single with a video that had the guys traversing four countries around the world. While the song failed to really get album sales soaring, it's still a great track. The song has a maturer feel than the group's past love songs and the bridge at the end of the song is tremendous. The message of the song is sweet, telling a loved one that they helped lift you out of dark waters and made you find your direction. With nice vocals and a perfect length, the song is excellent.

"Aint A Thing Wrong" is a classic example of the rap/R&B hybrid that plagues the industry now. The track features newcomer rapper Rob Jackson in an unimpressive role. While the track is an enjoyable listen, it's all about how stylish the guys are and how much power they have when going clubbing. The rap is nothing to write home about and the track is simply average.

The track of the album, "Oh Well" is a soft, simplistic piece. Despite the lines being very similar throughout, the song feels like a new experience throughout its full 5 minutes. The harmonies work wonders and the lyrics are endearing. The emotions in the song vary greatly throughout, making the song feel like it's evolving. Outstanding number.

The fifth song of the album, "Whatcha Need" is a decent jam in which the guys tell a girl that she's with the wrong man. They feel like they could treat her better and remove the abuse and sadness that she has to live with. The song has good vocals and a nice up-tempo feel on a very standard message. Overall, it's an enjoyable listen but not one of the tracks I would skip to.

"On The Road Again" is one of those songs that should be perfect. The beat fits the track perfectly and the vocals work well with the song. The track, about trying to settle down and yet not being able to stay, has a strong message. Yet the track falls short. The verses are a mere four lines each and the song is undeveloped. For once, I wish a song was made longer as the track really sets the mood right but never finishes painting the picture it starts. This could have been one of the group's best.

"Makin' Love" is a short interlude with a nice soft sound that breaks the album up nicely.

On the eighth track of the album, "Roll with Me," the pace picks up again as the guys invite a girl to hang with them for the night. The song is enjoyable and a nice number to cruise along to. Nevertheless, the song brings up a common problem with the album. While most tracks are good, they aren't very memorable, lacking the extra umph that the Boyz put into past efforts.

"Right On Time" was made for the bedroom, as its very slow sound and erotic feel almost feel awkward anywhere else. The track is a little slow and can be boring but it does throw in a nice twist at the end that gives the song a very different meaning from its beginning. The track has some very stupid lines, such as "I've been thinking since I've been gone, But you already know cause I told you on the telephone" but again, it's a bedroom track so you probably aren't too keen on hearing the words anyway. Standing alone though, it's a slightly below average track.

While I wish "On The Road Again" was longer and more in-depth, the tenth track of the album, "Howz About It" drags on. While the beat is neat with a nice harmonica twist, the track sounds pretty much the same as "Roll Wit Me."

Coming back with a slow jam, "That's Why I Love You" is a nice track with some good lines about why a guy loves his woman. The guys interact well on the track and you even get to hear Michael sing a line on his own at one point. The only downside of the track is that the chorus is repetitive and boring, and really drags the end of the track down. Also, "When I'm crying, you are my handkerchief" is really just not the imagery I'd want to give a loved one. Otherwise, a solid effort.

"I'm Ok, You're Ok" is about a guy who broke-up with a girl and is warning a person who is now dating the girl that she is trouble. The song is alright though it suffers from a similarly boring chorus. The chorus is very repetitive, consistently saying "Make sure you're okay." Still, the song has an interesting message and is listenable.

"Luv N U" is an enjoyable listen with a catchy, albeit heavily sexual chorus. Full Circle is far more blunt in its sexual descriptions than the group's previous efforts, and Michael's moaning near the end makes this song a little creepy. Still, the vocals are good and the lyrics aren't bad.

Closing up the album, "I'll Show You" makes me mad. The song is GREAT. The way the vocals vary is wonderful and the lyrics are well-written. Yet the song slips up. There is no flow to the song and it sounds at times as if the guys are tripping over themselves trying to sing it right. Alongside "On The Road Again," this is one of the album's biggest disappointments.

tl;dr: Full Circle is full of decent, yet forgettable tracks. As it stands, you're better off getting 'Oh Well' and 'Color Of Love' off iTunes.