Enter The Dru

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Enter The Dru (Intro)lyricsN/AN/A
2Real FreaklyricsN/AN/A
3How Deep Is Your LovelyricsN/Avideo
5Holding YoulyricsN/AN/A
6I'm WonderinlyricsN/AN/A
7You Are EverythinglyricsN/Avideo
8I'll Be The OnelyricsN/AN/A
9Nothing Without You (Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
10One Good ReasonlyricsN/AN/A
11Angel (Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
15These Are The TimeslyricsN/Avideo
16The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)lyricsN/AN/A
17What Are We Gonna DolyricsN/AN/A

Enter The Dru Review

NOTE: This album is incomplete, two tracks are still missing from the review.

Following a corny introduction, the album gets off to a rough start with the terrible "Real Freak." The song is noisy and clustered, with the lyrics often sounding unintelligible. The song might work okay in the clubs but anywhere else and it's just a bad listen. A disappointing way to start the album.

The next track "How Deep Is Your Love" quickly redeems the fluke that was "Real Freak." The fast tempo and catchy lyrics get you moving and are great when driving. A well made number that helps get the album back on the right foot.

"Holding You," the fifth track on the album is a solid number with many similarities to "In My Bed" from the group's debut album. The song is about a guy having a suspicion his girl's been cheating on him. The lyrics work nicely, albeit, the song seems to be lacking something that "In My Bed" had.

The sixth track of the album "I'm Wondering" is a real let down. The material, while immoral, works well and the lyrics do the song justice. All together, it's a good track. But what's so sad about it, is this song could be great. If the guys threw another verse in, the song would have got two thumbs up in my book. In addition, the verses there just sound too bunched up and its real hard to even tell what is being said.

Similarly, "You Are Everything" starts strong, and has a real solid chorus. Yet the second verse, while highlighting some great vocals, is oversung and becomes annoying to listen to. in addition, the track feels a bit long. Nevertheless, a good listen and a decent joint.

"I'll Be The One" is simple in its writing, presenting lines that have been done before by other artists. But the lines work. The vocals are nice and the chorus is great, making this a real smooth jam.

After a short interlude in which the group thanks their fans for their support by recounting the tracks from their first album, the album gets back underway with "One Good Reason." The song is perfect, with solid lyrics and a nice chorus. The song is strong in conveying the idea that a lover doesn't want to have to leave but is being driven away by the lack of love from the partner. Great track.

Before the next track, an interlude follows once more in which Woody introduces himself, having heard nobody seems to know when he sings. Well, he lets you know alright as the song "Angel" is a solo track by Woody. The song is solid with loving lyrics and a nice touching chorus. It doesn't have quite the same magic as the group tracks, mostly because of the lacked backing on some of the vocals, but its still a solid number through and through.

The fourteenth track on the album is a very calm quiet track called "Beauty." The track has nice lyrics but it seems almost too laid back. The chorus gives the song an almost eery feel which isn't the kind of emotion I think of when I imagine a lover who never notices me. A good song, just not the best.

"These are the Times" is a smooth track with a great, catchy chorus. The vocals are done well and really, the only thing that annoys me is one of Sisqo's lines. "Tear you up in little pieces/Swallow you like Reeses Pieces." A bit corny personally but besides that, the song is a great number.

Approaching the end, the cover "The Love We Had" is just perfect. The lyrics are nice and the song works well. I love the lines "If you were nearer/If you had a mirror/ Maybe you could count my tears." While I'm not sure why you would need a mirror to count someone else's tears, the lines flow nicely and sound truly beautiful. Probably the song of the album right here.

Closing up the album is the nice, soft "What Are We Gonna Do." The song deals with the situation when other people disapprove of one's relationship and works really well. Everybody in the group has a solo in the song, making a nice chance to hear everyone's sound.

tl;dr: Dru Hill shows the sophomore slump is nothing but a superstition as Enter the Dru fires with countless outstanding numbers.