Emotional Review

The album opens with a rather bad intro. The track is kind of noisy and really just tells you it's not their first time singing. Kind of disappointing after the full blown "Honest Lover" from the guys last album.

The first real track, "This Very Moment" is a decent offering. It's lyrics are nothing exceptional, but they get the job done. The song describes a man's feelings as he stands beside his wife at their wedding. On a similar note is the third track, "Special." The song isn't bad, it just doesn't have any exceptional features to it. It emphasizes how wonderful his partner is on his life and while the vocals are on point, there is nothing to really write home about in this track.

"It's Me," the fourth track on the album gives a nice raunchy kick to things. Where the last two tracks were focused on love, "It's Me" is about a friend who thinks he's better than them and tries to act like he was the one who brought them to stardom. The track is very biting and it's fierce attack makes it a great track to just ride along to.

Track five of the album "I Don't Want" is much in the line of the first two tracks in that it really doesn't distinguish itself well. It suffers from the brother's occasional problem of overly using the chorus and is really just a fair love song. The guys only want to be with the girl they love, they don't want anyone else.

The worst song on the album, and one of the worst songs I've ever heard, is track six "Say Yes." The song is incredibly boring and has the most uninspiring lyrics. The chorus is "If its feeling good to ya, say yes/ If its feeling good to ya, say yes/ If its feeling good to ya, say yes/ If it's not feeling good, then say no." Put simply, there are no redeeming qualities to this song at all.

Track 7, "Down For Life" is the first real strong track on the cd. Its about a guy who's lost his partner but knows that everything that got between them was stupid and hopes they can overcome it. It's not groundbreaking, but it is a nice uplifting song with a catchy chorus. The lyrics work and the song is a pleasant listen.

One of the better tracks on the album is "Goodbye." The song has the opening orchestra piece that comes with some of the group's stronger songs. The song is simple, only two verses long, but the chorus is nice and the verses work. Great song, just not quite up to the level of some of their older material.

Unfortunately, the title track of the album, "So Emotional" seems to be lacking all emotion. The song is very dry as the guys explain how they get "So Emotional" whenever they're around their sweetheart. The song is boring and really leaves a lot to be desired.

I feel guilty for it, but I really enjoy "Love Me Carefully" the tenth track on the album. It might be a little too soft and sweet for some but it strikes the right notes for me. The guys plead that their past relationships have been sour and they're hoping things will work better this time. The lyrics are nice and the chorus is very catchy. In addition, the song works perfectly with the beat increasing and supporting the enthusiasm at the end of the track. Short and sweet.

Unfortunately, the song is followed up by the track "I Don't Mind" which is again, an average track. The guys sing about not worrying what other people say about his girlfriend or himself, it just matters how they feel about each other. While the message is nice, the song just seems to be lacking something again. A common theme throughout the album.

Track 12, "How Can I Trust You?" is the song of the album. It's got a harder tone, asking how can someone go on dating after being so badly betrayed in a relationship. The lyrics work well and the vocals are solid. One of the few tracks that could fare well on the groups other albums.

Closing the album is a track that goes in a wild direction for the group. Where most of the track seemed like half-hearted retreads of old material, the closing song "How Long" pulls a different note as the guys do... country? The song has a very country-esque feel to it and while not an outstanding song, it's still entertaining. The chorus is catchy and the vocals are at least entertaining.

tl;dr: After two strong albums and one mediocre one, Emotional falls somewhere in between. The album has few stand out tracks but few terrible numbers as well.