Dru World Order

Dru World Order Review

After a bland intro, the album starts with the poor "Xstacy Jones." The lyrics in the song are crude and don't really get much meaning across. The vocals are nothing special and overall, it's a bad number.

The first single off the album and the third track, "I Should Be" is a decent number. The opening to the chorus where the song took its name from is infection and sounds perfect. The actual chorus is good enough, as are the lyrics. Really the song's only flaw is it just doesn't stand out well.

"If I Could" the fourth track on the album is really disappointing. It has an interesting premise, about a girl who used to be nothing special but now is a looker. However, the line structure doesn't work well and the lyrics are very broken. It sounds almost as if the track is skipping as the guys sing. A disappointing number.

Coming out with a club number "No Doubt" the song is catchy enough and decent for the dance floor. Unfortunately, the third verse kills it, if you can even call it a verse. Why the song drops for the talking in the verse is beyond me but it really kills an otherwise alright track.

Falling a notch lower, "On Me" featuring N.O.R.E. is really bad. The song is clustered, the lines aren't that great and I just can't think of any real positive things it has going for it.

With "Old Love" the album continues its poor showing. The song isn't bad, but it's not all that great either. It's similar in style to many of the nostalgia songs, but more directly aimed at an old lover. The lyrics are nothing exceptional, nor are the vocals.

Picking up slightly, "She Said" is a decent number. It has a nice laid back feel to it with guest vocalists on the chorus. However, the song is still nowhere near the same leagues as joints on earlier albums but a fair improvement from the previous tracks.

Maybe it was the good things I'd heard about it, but "I Do (Millions)" is a real let down. The song has a good premise, with the guys singing about wanting to get married to the one you love. Yet it's just not all there. The song falls back on the chorus too often and the singing just isn't all that well done. There are better songs with the same premise out there.

Finally, a truly solid number comes along with "I Love You." The song works well with nice lyrics and great verses. The chorus is catchy and has a nice sound to it. This is an outstanding number, it's just too bad it took ten tracks for it to come.

Having got into swing, the group fires another solid number with "Never Stop Loving You." The opening beat has a sweet sound to it and the lyrics work perfectly. The vocals are solid and overall, the number is perfect. The song of the album.

"Men Always Regret," while a touch softer than the usual Dru Hill fare, is a great song. The soft, high pitched vocals work well with the saddening message and the message itself is an interesting one. It's a nice change to have the guys talking about treating your woman with more respect.

The closing double track "MY Angel/How Could You" is an interesting number. The first track is a beautiful number dealing with the death of one's mother. It has solid vocals and nice lyrics. The second half of the track is a number about God and is a decent number. Only Jazz really has a voice that works well with gospel but it's an interesting number none the less.

tl;dr: A disappointing third album from a great group. While the last few tracks were outstanding numbers, it just took too long for the album to hit its sweet spot.