• CrazySexyCool

  • TLC

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
3Kick Your GamelyricsN/AN/A
4Diggin On YoulyricsN/Avideo
5Case Of The Fake PeoplelyricsN/AN/A
6CrazySexyCool - InterludelyricsN/AN/A
7Red Light SpeciallyricsN/Avideo
10Let's Do It AgainlyricsN/AN/A
11If I Was Your GirlfriendlyricsN/AN/A
12Sexy - InterludelyricsN/AN/A
13Take Our TimelyricsN/AN/A
14Can I Get A Witness(Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
16Sumthin Wicked This Way ComeslyricsN/AN/A

CrazySexyCool Review

The album starts with a rap introduction which doesn't really say much or give you any indication of the album's style. However, that's more than made up for by the first real track, "Creep." This track quickly erases any displeasure with the group's first album. From the smooth sounds of the trumpet to the first "oh I's" really get the mood started. Smooth vocals and interesting lyrics help push the song along and T-Boz's raspy voice works well here. Great song through and through.

Unfortunately, the album hiccups after that with "Kick Your Game." The track is boring and bad. Really, there isn't much to say about the track as there's really nothing redeeming about it at all.

"Diggin On You" is a decent song with smooth vocals and okay lyrics. It doesn't really grab your attention and the song is simply average.

The fourth real track of the album, "Case Of The Fake People" is a song that starts off with a lot of great potential. It isn't a bad tale but after two solid verses, it devolves into the chorus which it repeats over and over again. As such, it's a song that could have been good but is simply alright.

The album then jumps into an interlude, titled "CrazySexyCool - Interlude" which describes what a crazy sexy cool woman would be like.

The album picks back up again with "Red Light Special" which is sexy and slow. The girls croon for love with the sound of a guitar and the slow snare in the background. It puts wonderful ambiance on the track which is further complimented by the girls vocals. Overall, a wonderful track and a great example of the maturer sound the girls are striving for.

Keeping up the momentum, "Waterfalls" is another solid track. The song has a lot of soul in it, dealing with many issues plaguing society. It deals with the issues of drug dealing and HIV, aiming straight for the core of matters. T-Boz voice works well once again. If only all the girl's tracks were like there singles, the album would be incredible.

The album has another interlude which just repeats Crazy Sexy Cool over and over again. After it, "Let's Do It Again," is an average song about making love. It doesn't quite grip you the way "Red Light Special" does, and sounds like a tired effort.

The eleventh track on the album, "If I Was Your Girlfriend," is a funky song. The chorus is short and comprised mostly of the beat but it's not bad. The downside of the song is that the lyrics can be kind of weird. I'm not really sure why they state "If I was your man" but who knows. Overall, it's a pretty decent song but not the best.

The next interlude shows the girls are the same old playful ones from the first album, though why that is, you'll have to listen and find out yourself. "Take Our Time," is another track that highlights the way the girls have really slowed down the pace since their debut album. The downside is, most tracks sound unenthusiastic and really don't grab your attention. The song has decent vocals but just doesn't make much impact.

Nearing the album's end, it has ANOTHER interlude, this time, with Busta Rhymes reiterating the meaning of CrazySexyCool. It's a really stupid interlude that should have been left off. However, the track after it, "Switch" is a solid number in which the ladies say that if your man's giving you grief, just switch to a new man. The song is enjoyable and moves along quickly. Left Eye's rap doesn't seem that enjoyable, though it does have a few relevant lines. Why she spells her name out on seemingly every rap she's on is beyond me. Still, a good song and a pleasant listen.

"Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes," is a great song and a solid example of how raps should be handled. Andre of Outkast starts the song off and immediately sets the mood with a few brilliant lines. The chorus is also done nicely by the girls, as is the second verse. However, Left Eye's contribution at the end is what kills the song and makes an otherwise perfect song, simply great.

Overall, the album is a nice listen with some great classics. Still, the album falls short with many mediocre tracks that lack enthusiasm and just aren't very interesting. As such, it's a decent album, but far from the classic it is made out to be.

tl;dr: The album still has a lot of rough spots but man, its also features many a classic track. I have to recommend it, if only because it shows a great deal of R&B history. A mix of outstanding numbers and mediocre tracks, CrazySexyCool was definitely a step in the right direction for TLC.