Cooleyhighharmony Review

Boyz II Men kick off their first album with "Please Don't Go." The song gives a strong feel for the group's style as there are some great harmonies and the spoken portions. Lyrically, the song is simple but the strong vocals make this a great opening track.

The second track kicks off with sounds of rain that contribute nicely to the song's darker feel. The delivery on the track fits it well as the Boyz mourn their failure in relationships. Overall, a really nice track although the ending is a bit repetitive.

While "This Is My Heart" is an enjoyable song, of the first three ballads it is the weakest. It has a nice laidback feel to it and gives the feel of just relaxing on a tropical beach but maybe that's just me. It's enjoyable, just nothing truly special.

"Uhh Ahh" is a nice track with smooth vocals. Mike's speaking part is especially nice as his voice just runs right through your body. Strange that the speaking is the best part. Overall, the song is enjoyable, though not the best track on the album.

Rounding out the first five tracks of the album is the beautiful "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday." The song is acapella and is a great demonstration of the group's vocal talents. The lyrics are touching and the mechanics are wonderful. A perfect number.

The sixth track on the album is the infectious "Motownphilly." The song has a catchy uptempo feel and the trumpets work nicely. This is the song that put the group on the map and it's easy to tell why.

"Under Pressure," the seventh track on the album, is a disappointing jam. While it is certainly a fun number that really feels like the group is enjoying it, the song itself is lackluster. The chorus gets really repetitive at the end and the song just doesn't work well.

In a similar style is the eighth track "Sympin." The song was heavily mixed, featuring James Bond music throughout. However, the song feels too clustered as if they tried to mix every different sound into the song they could. A weak track.

The ninth track on the album, "Little Things" had the potential to be a good song. It has a catchy chorus and the verses are enjoyable. However, two minutes into the song and it's already finished. For the last two minutes of the song, it's simply the chorus over and over, not what I'm looking for.

Closing the album is the decent "Your Love." The song has the right mix of parts but it just can't escape sounding... boring. The song just fails to reel you in and at 6 minutes long, it drags on quite a bit.

tl;dr: Cooleyhighharmony does well to show Boyz II Men's potential. 'It's So Hard...' really shows the group's vocal abilities. Unfortunately, on the first release of the album, most tracks are just average.