Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Pastor Jim's IntroN/AN/AN/A
2I've Got A FeelingN/AN/AN/A
3Ain't No Harm DoneN/AN/AN/A
4So Glad I'm HereN/AN/AN/A
5God Is A Mighty DelivererN/AN/AN/A
6Let's Go On & Everybody Don't KnowN/AN/AN/A
7I Feel Like Going OnN/AN/AN/A
8Arms Of LoveN/AN/AN/A
9I Love The LordN/AN/AN/A
10Nothing But The Blood Of JesusN/AN/AN/A
11What Do You Want The Lord To SayN/AN/AN/A
12Sinner Saved By GraceN/AN/AN/A
13I Don't Know What You've Come To DoN/AN/AN/A
14He's Got Better Things For YouN/AN/AN/A
15My First MovieN/AN/AN/A
16I Never Shall Forget What He's Done For MeN/AN/AN/A
17No SirN/AN/AN/A