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Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Come With MelyricsN/Avideo
2During The StormlyricsN/AN/A
3I Don't Wanna Be AlonelyricsN/Avideo
4Mr. Turn U OutlyricsN/AN/A
5Concert A (The Hidden One)(Interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
7Planet Solitude (interlude)lyricsN/AN/A
8Did You KnowlyricsN/AN/A
9To Get To Know YoulyricsN/AN/A
10Let's Go BacklyricsN/AN/A
11Will I Find SomeonelyricsN/AN/A
13The Place Where You BelonglyricsN/Avideo
14If I Gave (A Confession Of Hope)lyricsN/AN/A

Blackface Review

The album kicks off with the indescribable "Come With Me." Put simply, the song is beautiful. It is an interesting track, about a guy who's received a real great job offer that requires him to move and wants his girl to come with him. The song is perfect through and through with lovely vocals and great writing. I couldn't think of any way for this song to be better. The song of the album and it's only just gotten started.

"During the Storm" the second track of the album, is another great song. The harmonies are outstanding and the vocals on the solos are perfect. The track has a very soothing sound to it with the sounds of rain and thunder in the background adding to the effect.

Continuing the solid sounds, the smooth jam "I Don't Wanna Be Alone" is a great number. The song is about a guy who's recently started being with a girl and how he can't stop thinking about her. The harmonies are nice and the lyrics are clever. The song has an interesting way of having lines that sound nearly identical. An example of this is in the second verse with "Pardon Me," "Funny" and "Money." A great number through and through.

I know it's beginning to sound like a broken record, but "Mr. Turn U Out" is an infectious number that is really creative. A song about an imaginary lover that comes to you in your dreams and can please you without any of the troubles of a relationship. The song is unique, the lyrics are solid, the vocals are wonderful, it's got the whole package. Best song of the album alongside the opener.

After a deep interlude that has some interesting lines, the album gets back underway with the slow jam, "Falling." The track has some really nice harmonies and good vocals but is just a little TOO slow. It causes the track to drag a little but still, a decent number throughout.

Following another interlude, which is very strange on its own, comes a song that helps clear up what it is about. The track "Did You Know" has a very laid back tone to it as the guys sing about a person's control over his or her life. The song has a nice sound to it and is a good song to just nod your head to but it at times, sounds a little strange.

"To Get To Know You" is a more uptempo track than what has been seen thus far. The number is very catchy and the chorus really gets you singing along. The lyrics are pretty nice as well and the vocals are good. A nice track all around.

The tenth track on the album, "Let's Go Back" is a fairly derivative uptempo number. The rap at the end is especially weak and the number just fails to highlight the strong points of Shai. Still an average song but disappointing.

"Will I Find Someone" is an okay slow jam. It doesn't hold a candle to the first few tracks of the album but it still has nice vocals. It doesn't break any barriers but it's still a good song to listen to.

While the song "95" seems like a filler track, it is incredibly catchy. I could see listening to the track while just cruising along or laying back in my room. The lyrics aren't ground breaking, the vocals are just okay, but the song has something to it. It's a fun track, and it does that well.

The final full track "The Place Where You Belong," is a solid track about a lover who has left. The vocals are nice and song has a dark tone that works well with the message. The only downside is the song gets a little overdrawn, repeating the chorus and the line "You belong in my arms" just a little too much at the end. However, still a great effort though.

Ending the album is the religious outro, "If I Gave (A Confession Of Hope)" which highlights the group's great harmonies and is a nice praise of God.

tl;dr: Shai extended their style and delivered some incredible songs on this album. The first four tracks on this album are some of the best songs put out during the 90s and help make a good album, great.