Back From The Mystery System
  • Back From The Mystery System

  • Shai

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1Tell MelyricsN/AN/A
4Fools Rush InlyricsN/AN/A
5Complete LovelyricsN/AN/A
7Ain't Got Time For LovelyricsN/AN/A
8Don't Wait Too LonglyricsN/AN/A
9Back In The DayslyricsN/AN/A
10That Feelin'lyricsN/AN/A

Back From The Mystery System Review

After a member left and a new member joined, Shai returns with Back From The Mystery System. The album gets started with the slow jam "Tell Me." The track has a different feel to it than the group's older work, but is still entertaining. The chorus is especially catchy on this number and the lyrics aren't too bad. Unfortunately, the song does drag near the end and it's as if someone forgot to stop recording the way it just keeps going.

The second track on the album, "Sexcapade" has a fitting name as the song is very focused on sex. Unfortunately, the number comes across as rather derivative, without really breaking any new ground. The song is alright, but the vocals aren't anything near what the group has done in the past. The chorus is okay but it gets a little tiring. Overall, it's a decent number but nothing that will move units.

"Sunshine" the third track on the album starts off pretty good. Unfortunately, the track seems to drag on a little too long. The chorus is repeated about ten times with relatively few lyrics inbetween. While the chorus sounds okay, it gets tiring to hear. Nevertheless, the song isn't bad.

I feel like the vocals on this album are a significant step down from the group's earlier entries. While "Fools Rush In" is probably the best track on the album, it's a far cry from some of the group's best work. Nevertheless, the lyrics are nice on the song and the chorus works really well.

"Complete Love," the fifth track on the album, is a decent number. It has a very laid back feel to it that works well when you're just chilling out. The lyrics aren't bad and the vocals are alright. A decent, enjoyable listen.

"Runaway" is a decent uptempo number with a catchy chorus. While many of the songs feel like they're the same message and even nearly the same lyrics, this is probably the best attempt at that "I love you... a real real lot" message on the album.

The chorus on the seventh track sounds awfully like Anthony Hamilton which is certainly a point in its favor. On the actual song, it sounds pretty good throughout, but has a seemingly mixed message. The verses seem very centered around how in love they are with a person and what they'll do to them while the bridge gives a feel that the feelings have run out. Either way, the track is a pretty good number.

"Don't Wait Too Long" is probably the best track of the album with a catchy chorus, and a nice message. The vocals are pretty good on it and it seems just the right length.

Nearing the end of the album, "Back In The Days" is a good song with a nice dark tone to it and good lyrics. However, the beginning of the second verse sounds terrible when they try and sing a little too high. Also, the chorus seems poorly written as I wonder what kind of lines are "We fell in love and it was alright/ And then it ends." Really kills a song with a lot of potential but still a pretty strong number.

Shai's version of the standard nostalgia song, "That Feelin'" is a decent entry into the genre. It's a nice number to just nod your head to as you relax. It's nothing ground breaking but it gets the job done.

tl;dr: Shai's return to the music industry with Back From The Mystery System seems to be missing some of the indescribable that made their earlier albums so good. While there are no real stand out tracks and the group's vocals are a far cry from their past, the album is still an enjoyable listen.