And The Music Speaks

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1I Can Love You Like ThatlyricsN/Avideo
2I'm SorrylyricsN/AN/A
3These ArmslyricsN/Avideo
4I'm Your ManlyricsN/AN/A
5Giving You My Heart ForeverlyricsN/AN/A
6Could This Be MagiclyricsN/AN/A
7Love Is More Than A Four Letter WordlyricsN/AN/A
8Think You Are The One For MelyricsN/AN/A
9Colors Of LovelyricsN/AN/A
10Roll CalllyricsN/AN/A
11Here for YoulyricsN/AN/A
12We DedicatelyricsN/AN/A

And The Music Speaks Review

All-4-One returned in 1995 with And The Music Speaks. The album shows their transition towards adult contemporary music as it's almost exclusively ballads.

Starting things off, the group's big hit "I Can Love You Like That" opens the album. The track is another solid number, though I've always had one complaint about it. The first verse is way too breathy. Almost after every line, you can hear a gasp for hair. Still, the song is tremendous, and probably one of my favorite songs by All 4 One.

Up second on the album, "I'm Sorry" features a very laid back beat with the guys harmonizing over it. A bit of a softy song, All-4-One still flex their talents with this track. You really get a sense of the group's vocal versatility on this album. This is another solid song that shows the guys talents as they say they're sorry.

The third track on the album is another loving ballad titled "These Arms." With slow delivery, the guys embellish their feelings for a woman and promise that they will love her forever. A classic, almost wedding song, the vocals rise and fall with great power on this track that makes it such a beautiful love song.

If you haven't caught on by this point in the album, it's time to open your eyes. All-4-One is a group of balladeers. It's listening to this track I also caught on, one of the members (I'm guessing Tony) sounds almost exactly like Peter Cetera. This song is another touching ballad. A great romantic ballad featuring the guys distinct vocals.

As the fifth track on the album, "Giving You My Heart Forever" features great harmonies and a nice soft violin piece that compliments the guys vocals. It's a great track with nice delivery as the guys tell a girl that they love her. Overall, a great song.

"Could This Be Magic" is the sixth track on the album and fitting its name, the song has a classic throwback feel to it. It sounds like a classic doowop track and I just want to sway back and forth with a cute woman in a swank Italian restaurant listening to this track. The guys do great harmonizing here and they really show off their abilities as a group here. Overall, a solid fun song, even if it doesn't grab you and throw you in your seat.

The album continues with "Love Is More Than A Four Lettered Word." The song is hurt most by its chorus which seems overly simple. The track is a bit of a change from the rest of the album, moving at a slightly faster pace, which is refreshing. However, the track is hurt by the weak presence on the delivery and the song seems to drag for far too long.

At the eight position is "Think You Are The One For Me." Featuring a solid beat, the delivery on the track is solid, though a deviation from the group's ballad structure. The song has a nice style to it and is catchy. I swear, it sounds almost identical to another song but unfortunately, I just can't place it. Still, a good track.

Entering the final third of the album, All-4-One's ninth track is "Colors Of Love." The song has an entertaining beat that sounds like a bunch of kitchen supplies banging together. The lyrics are cute and the vocals are on point, though a little too high for me. Still, it's a fun, enjoyable song.

Kicking in to a faster groove, "Roll Call" sounds like All-4-One running an urban track. The song is a decent 90s track to kick on the radio when you're hanging around the house. Definitely a track that's shown its age, "Roll Call" is still a fun song. An enjoyable listen, though definitely one of the songs that disappears over the years.

"Here For You" starts with a somber sounding guitar piece and throughout, the vocals have a dark mood. Unfortunately, the lyrics don't seem as dark as they could be to work with the delivery, but they still give that somber sound. Overall, an enjoyable song that captures the yearning for a lover.

Closing the album is the track "We Dedicate." While I'm not a religious guy, I love this song, though perhaps for a different reason than you'd expect. To me, this song is cool because it seems like the true roll call to me, with each member doing a short solo. The clapping is a little ridiculous, but it's great to get a snapshot of everyone!

tl;dr: All-4-One's II, And The Music Speaks is a great showing of the group's talent as balladeers with a nice mix of diversity as well.