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All That I Am Review

"All The Things" is a great introduction to Joe's album, All That I Am, because it's a perfect example of the album. The track features some great satiny vocals by Joe and has a nice sexual message. The lyrics are well written and the track is perfect. Assuming you stop after 4:30 into the track. After that, the track goes on for another two minutes, featuring some of the stupidest lines in music "(I won't stop until I hear your mother scream)" and it just goes on and on. So if you stop the track at 4:30, give the track a perfect 5 out of 5. But as it is, it's just a good song.

The song "Love Scene" could have its criticisms copied directly from "All The Things." The track is an original love scene in which the day/sex is detailed in a series of snapshots. The delivery is cool and the feelings are strong and sexual. But again, Joe seems to get a little excited and ends the track by blurting out some really stupid lines "69 was a very good year." If Joe would just stop these songs before the random blurting comes out, his album would be one of the best.

"Don't Wanna Be A Player" is a decent track with cookie cutter lyrics. The track is a generic "I used to be a bad guy, but not no more." It doesn't really give Joe a chance to show off his great voice and the chorus is boring and really drags at the end. As is, it's just an average track.

Featuring a nice execution, "Good Girls" is a simple track with a direct message. The track is about a guy who has no luck finding a girl as they are all dating someone already. While the lyrics could be better, the track is a solid number that's a nice listen.

"How Soon" features a nice message with Joe talking to a girlfriend that has a job that requires her to travel a lot. It's an interesting twist as the woman is the one leaving the house on a regular basis but it works well, with Joe pleading about longing for and missing his lover. The vocals work nicely and it's an enjoyable track albeit, not very memorable.

The sixth track of the album, "Sanctified Girl" has a catchy chorus that is catchy. However, outside of the chorus, the track is pretty boring and is overly long. The song repeats the bridge/chorus so many times at the end that even the appeal of them is lost.

The title track, "All That I Am," is the first perfect track on the album. It's short and sweet, refusing to succumb to earlier tracks weaknesses. The track has a nice soft pace to it and is void of the usual sexual tones in Joe's love tracks. It carries well with nice lyrics and strong vocals and all around, is a solid number.

Continuing the last track's strength, "No One Else Comes Close" is a beautiful track. With only two verses, the track is one of the shortest on the album but it works wonders. The track is very loving with sweet lyrics and the chorus has a nice sound to it. It's a catchy track that develops well and is probably the best on the album.

Despite getting into a solid groove, the album slips with "Come Around." The track is forgettable as Joe sings about taking care of a girl when her man won't. The track's been done on the album already with "All The Things," except it was done a lot better then. The chorus is repetitive, as is the song, repeating the chorus far too many times at the end.

"U Shoulda Told Me (U Had A Man)" is a great song with a real fierce tone. Joe sounds like he's spitting fire as he attacks a girl for having deceived him into thinking they were lovers. The song has a nice stop and go tempo that really brings out Joe's anger and there are some great lines throughout. The chorus could've been written a little better to help emphasize the feelings but otherwise, a really solid jam.

The final original song on the album, "Love Don't Make No Sense" is a solid slow jam. The track has a nice, catchy chorus and some solid lyrics throughout. It's another role reversal as Joe leaves a girl because she won't work and causes nothing but drama. Overall, a great track.

Ending the album is "No One Else Comes Close" with a less emphasized beat. The track lets the vocals shine out and is a nice addition to the album, even if it is a track that appeared earlier.

tl;dr: Poor writing and cheezy lines on a few tracks stop the album from being a classic, but it is still packed with some really solid songs. The occasional slip up doesn't stop the album's momentum.