After 7

After 7 Review

After 7 burst on the scenes in 1989 with their self-titled album. Compared to their later work, this album has a very different feel, most certainly a product of the New Jack Era.

The album kicks off with the up-tempo "Don't Cha' Think" that sets the mood right. The chorus is catchy and fierce, putting a great feeling into the song. The lyrics aren't all that special but with this kind of song, it's not something you're looking for.

The second track keeps the grooves coming with "Heat of the Moment." It's understandable why this track made it to #5 on the R&B charts as it is a great groove from the period. The vocals haven't matured to the levels they will on later albums but dang is it kicking. The sound is nice and the piece really gets you moving.

The third track on the cd, "Can't Stop" was a #1 hit on the R&B charts, and its understandable when listening to the catchy track. The chorus is great to sing along to and the song is one that gets you moving.

Jumping back into full speed, the album returns to its high paced sound with "My Only Woman." The track seems to lack some of the magic on the earlier numbers. Its a nice uptempo groove that keeps you moving and is a good, though not great number.

Maintaining the up-tempo feel, "Loves Been So Nice" is a song about how nice it has been since their woman has been with them. The track really doesn't break any ground and the overuse of the chorus at the end of the track is tiring.

The album slows down again with the smooth "One Night." The song is solid throughout with nice vocals, however, it suffers from an often found problem near the end. The chorus plays over and over again way too much at the end of this track, and as it isn't a very complex chorus, it grows very tiring. Otherwise solid track.

Seeming to hear my complaints about the previous track, "Ready Or Not" is a great number. It eliminates the overly long chorus at the end of the song and features some strong vocals from Kevon. A great track, it's understandable why this one went gold and topped the charts. It's a close bout for song of the album between this and "Heat Of The Moment."

Keeping the streak of great titles, the album ends with "Sayonara." The song has a real hard tone to it and gets you moving during the chorus. In addition, the message is interesting and it is one of the few songs I've heard dealing with a false child. Interesting number and a great way to end the album on a high note.

tl;dr: Overall, a pretty good album but due to its short track listing and total hits, you'd probably be best off buying the Greatest Hits cd and buying the one or two other worthwhile tracks on iTunes.