A Collection of His Greatest Hits
  • A Collection of His Greatest Hits

  • Babyface

Track Listing

Number Title Lyrics Stream Video
1For The Cool In YoulyricsN/Avideo
2It's No CrimelyricsN/Avideo
3Whip AppeallyricsN/Avideo
4Never Keeping SecretslyricsN/Avideo
5Everytime I Close My EyeslyricsN/Avideo
6When Can I See YoulyricsN/Avideo
7Reason for BreathinglyricsN/Avideo
8This Is For The Lover In YoulyricsN/Avideo
9How Come, How LonglyricsN/Avideo
10Change The WorldN/AN/Avideo
11I Love You BabelyricsN/Avideo
12Soon As I Get HomelyricsN/AN/A
13Where Will You GolyricsN/AN/A
14When Men Grow OldlyricsN/AN/A