7 Mile

7 Mile Review

7 Mile start off their debut album the way many albums of the 90s ended, with a thank you to God for making everything possible. The track introduces the listener to all the voices at the group's disposal and shows that they have a wide range and can put together some nice harmonies.

The album's first real track, "Just A Memory," features Negro League on a rap. This is likely one of the few tracks in R&B where I'll give props to the rap as it stayed true to the subject matter and did well in its delivery. The song has nice vocals and okay lyrics as it sings about a guy who's pushing a girl out of his life after realizing she was untrue. The song is pretty good though it's no knockout.

"Do Your Thing" is a sad slow song in which the guys find out their girl has been cheating on them. The song's message is kind of strange as the guys say that they'll just have to keep letting the girl cheat on them. Despite the songs strange message, it has nice vocals and is a good song. The only real flaw of the track is the pounding snare which sounds like a metronome.

The fourth track on the album, "Looking for Somebody," features nice lyrics, but unfortunately, lacks any other real redeeming features. The song is very repetitive and its chorus lacks any real punch to grab your attention. The worst part about the song is that it is VERY long, clocking in at 6 minutes.

Picking up the slack, "After" is a beautiful track. The song features some beautiful lyrics and great arrangements. It also has solid lyrics and the harmonies highlight just what the group is capable of. More than anything, the song shows that if the group can get the right production and well-written lyrics, they can rock the house.

"What You Need" sends the group into a rut with its average lyrics and underwhelming vocals. The group fails to establish any presence during the song, causing the listener to quickly become distracted. Overall, its a boring, uninspiring track.

The seventh track on the album, "What Are You Looking For" is a classic example of wasted potential. The song starts slow but as each verse nears its conclusion, the group bursts into a wave of enthusiasm. Each verse, I would grow excited, hoping that this enthusiasm might continue throughout the song, only to be disappointed that they immediately revert back to their unenthusiastic motions during the chorus. The guys come out strong on the bridge, but by then it is too late.

"Spend Some Time" is an okay track that that moves through all of the guys voices. Each member of the group has a decent voice and the group showcases a diverse range. Unfortunately, they don't use these tools to their advantage and most tracks end up underwhelming. This song specifically is simply average, with decent writing, decent vocals but nothing ground breaking.

Fortunately, the guys bounce back from their slump, starting with "I'll Make It Right." The song is interesting, changing pace after a lengthy intro. Unfortunately, the track does show some limitation on the guys vocals as the intro shows potential to be great but never quite reaches its peak. Overall, the track is solid though its chorus is merely average.

"You Got My Heart" is a conservative song, as it doesn't push the guys vocal abilities too far. The song works well, mostly because of its interesting, complex lyrics in the verses. Overall, the song is pretty enjoyable.

On the eleventh track of the album, "Can I Come Over," the guys show that while they might not be able to make every track work, they sure can swoon. The song shows the guys capabilities, with perfect group mechanics and consistently strong vocals. While the track lacks any real depth, it still works wonders as the guys try and persuade a girl to let them come over.

An interlude puts a pause on the album before the group's final efforts. Titled "I Love You," the interlude is a soothing nice break from the action. The vocals are well done though the song features an annoying metronome.

Nearing the album's conclusion, the group really comes into their own with likely their best track. "Learn To Love" has the guys advising a person to open their heart and love others before they get too lonely. The song has nice vocals and a well-done arrangement with good backings. Overall, a pleasant song.

As the album concludes, you have to ask yourself what happened to these guys during the middle of the album. With there final track, "No One Else But You," the group continues their solid harmonies and ooze with enthusiasm. Solid lead vocals and good emotions makes this a great song.

tl;dr: The album starts merely average and for a good chunk of it, can be rather disappointing. However, as the later portions of the album show, with the right songs and arrangements, 7 Mile can really work it. It's just unfortunate they weren't given more opportunities to do it.