2nd Wave

2nd Wave Review

Surface sophomore effort, Second Wave, showed that the previously underwhelming group had a lot of style and talent. The opener to the album, "Shower Me With Your Love" sets this feeling right away with so much charm and such beautiful crooning lyrics/vocals that even the toughest person will find themselves weakening. The track is very representative of its time period, featuring the over-the-top saxophone solo and many of the standard rhythmic conventions. A great, classic jam.

"Closer Than Friends" is a sweet, soft song in which the guys croon about love. The track is wonderfully delivered though perhaps its a little too simplistic and repetitive. Nevertheless, the song still works.

On the third track, "Can We Spend Some Time," it becomes clear that Surface has perfected an art. Their tracks are simplistic and are standard late 80s/early 90s fare, but they deliver it in such a masterful fashion. The sound is sweet and the song is touching, even in its simplicity.

"You Are My Everything," is another sweet number with nice female background vocals that add to the song. The second verse is packed with emotion and while the chorus is a bit boring, it still manages to work in the context of the song.

Coming into the second half of the album, "I Missed" is a great song with a funky beat. The vocals are wild and they get really crazy on the Goodbye. A fun song, if only it weren't so long.

Sometimes songs don't win you over for their deeper meaning or for their incredible vocal presentation, but instead, because they are just too cool for words. "Black Shades" does just that, delivering nothing of real significance, but delivering such a deliciously funky package that you can't stop listening. The song is so simple, simply being about wearing Black Shades, and yet it gets you moving and singing along with your own pair of black shades on.

Nearing the album's conclusion, "Hold On To Love," is a classy song with some deeper vocals than usual. The snare is a little annoying and the vocals don't grab you as much as they usually do but it's still a very nice song.

Unfortunately, the album closes out with a rather disappointing number in "Where's That girl." The song starts with some nice sounds but it really drags on in the end. In addition, the vocals start to sound a little off in the end. Overall, an okay song but not the best for sure.

tl;dr: Surface came into their own with their second album, delivering a consistently solid effort which is well worth a purchase.