24/7 Review

As a member of the group After 7, Kevon Edmonds rocked the house. The group handled the New Jack Swing era with ease, putting out some great tracks on their early efforts like "Heat Of The Moment," "Can't Stop" and "Sayonara." Their later work showed that the group was capable of smooth ballads. While Edmonds never dives into the sounds of New Jack, he still tests the water beyond the sappy ballads.

The album starts off with a laid back track, "He'll Never Love You" that sets the mood for Kevon Edmonds distinct voice. It also introduces you to the bane of the album. Every track on the album features an annoying snare, which overpowers the vocals and beat and gives the impression of listening to a metronome. Despite that, this track is enjoyable, as Edmonds tells a girl that her man will never love her like he can.

"Love Will Be Waiting," the second track on the album is an interesting mix of an uptempo sound with slow vocals. The beat and chorus really push the song along while Edmonds takes things nice and slow on the vocals. Overall, it's a nice song though nothing incredible. The song is simply a good jam with nice vocals and well-written lyrics.

Picking up the pace, the album's title track "24/7" has a catchy chorus and strong lyrics. In addition, the song is performed well by Edmonds and is probably his most popular song for a reason. Overall, a solid song through and through.

"When I'm With You" is another respectable track on the album with good lyrics and nice vocals. Unfortunately, this song could have been a lot better as it is hurt by being too long. The song gets really repetitive at the end and outstays its welcome.

The fifth track on the album, "How Often" is one of the best songs on the album. It is a great jam with emotions running wild in Edmond's pacing and delivery. The song has nice lyrics and does well. Overall, a great song in which a guy asks a girl if she ever thinks back on their relationship.

"Baby Come To Me" is a strong ballad in which Kevon tells a girl that he can love her and make due for all her relationship trouble in the past. The song's pace is solid and the vocals are on point. It comes out as a very strong song with some nice production that complements it well.

Continuing with the album's momentum, "A Girl Like You" is a sweet song. A testament of one's love for someone, this track features Babyface. The song is enjoyable and works as a nice praise for the ladies. Between the two, I think Kevon has the better voice and Babyface has the better writing ability but you can disagree with me all you like.

"I Want You More" is a repetitive, up-tempo song. The song is okay but its potential is pretty much shot to hell by the redundancy of the lyrics and the bland beat.

Bouncing back, the ninth track on the album "No Love" is a solid song. The track is well-written and moves at a quick pace to keep you listening. Probably the best point about this track is that the snare seems more minimal here than on any other number. overall, a great well written track with a catchy chorus.

Unfortunately, the album trips up again as "Sensitive Mood" is a pretty bland song. The track features some real solid verses but the song is plagued by its boring chorus. Worst of all, because of the song's quiet beat, the track's snare really stands out.

As the album nears its conclusion, Kevon Edmonds goes on the offensive, with two tracks in which he is accusatory of a lover. In "Anyway," Edmonds blasts a girl who treated him bad. The song has a fierce bite to it and works well with its quick pace. The final track "Tell Me," is similar composed but with a slightly softer delivery. Edmonds asks a girl what he's doing wrong and what he can do to make amends. The song is enjoyable and is delivered nicely.

tl;dr: Kevon Edmonds debut album is good but could have been great. Had the album not been plagued by a roaring snare that overpowers the vocals and rest of the beat. However, solid writing and good delivery make this album a worthwhile listen. Now if only we could get another After 7 album...