New Music

New Classic R&B Music - Avant - More, Tank - Shots Fired

R&B Guru - 2013-04-26

New music to send you off on your weekend! Here are some of the latest releases by Tank and Avant.

New Classic R&B Music - Tony Rich - Fade Away

R&B Guru - 2013-04-22

Tracking the return of classic artists, we've got a new song by Tony Rich, "Fade Away."

New Videos

Mariah Carey's video for #Beautiful - Boring, repetitive

R&B Guru - 2013-05-29

Mariah Carey's new video for #Beautiful seems a bit uninspired. Hopefully she goes back to the drawing board for her next video.

New Videos - Joe - I'd Rather Have A Love

R&B Guru - 2013-04-23

Joe's prepping a new album. To hype everyone up, he's got a new video, I'd Rather Have a Love.

New Albums

Brian McKnight's New Album - More Than Words

R&B Guru - 2013-04-25

Brian McKnight's latest release, More Than Words, came out in March. Are you buying it?

Welcome Back! Sade Preparing First Album in Nine Years

R&B Guru - 2009-06-10

Remember Sade? She's back with a new R&B album.

New Artist Photos

Concert Photos: Dru Hill and Blackstreet in CT

R&B Guru - 2013-04-21

Dru Hill and Blackstreet performed together in Wallingford, CT. We've got pictures from the event.

Photos From the Twitterverse - 3/29/2013

R&B Guru - 2013-03-29

We've got a lot of great new photos from Twitter this week. SWV, TLC, Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men and more!

Latest News

RL Leaves Next

R&B Guru - 2013-05-27

RL leaves the group Next, reducing its membership to Tweet and T-Low

Toni Braxton Retires from Music

R&B Guru - 2013-02-09

Toni Braxton announced last week that she's putting her singing career on hold.

Latest Articles

Another Icarus or the Right Decision - Lead Singers Go Solo

R&B Guru - 2013-05-27

Do lead singers in groups that go solo suffer from hubris, or are they making the right decision?

Is the Internet the Future for Concerts?

R&B Guru - 2013-03-16

Could the internet replace live venues for concerts? Could this create a cheap alternative to the concert experience?

Latest Interviews

Nick J of No Question talks real R&B

R&B Guru - 2010-10-24

Nick J of No Question spoke with R&B Haven's Moofu about the group's creation and current status.

Solo Puts Soul Back in R&B

R&B Guru - 2010-07-12

Solo's back in R&B and R&B Haven has an inside interview to answer all your questions. From their tour with R Kelly, to the group's disappearance, to their return today. Everything is answered inside!